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Here’s a list of frequently asked questions. If something remains unclear – feel free to ask, we’d love to help 🙂

What is a “refurbished iPhone”?

Refurbished iPhone is an iPhone made from used and new parts which is fully tested and usually ships in plain white or brown box without earphones and charger, only USB cable (but this may vary, so check when placing an order). Companies which refurbish iPhones claim these iPhones are absolutely in working condition, even if have signs of wear. Many sellers even provide a guarantee and a money back service in case something goes wrong.

How to find out about iPhone condition?

Usually sellers have grades of refurbishment. Even though price itself is a powerful marker, sometimes you can find great iPhone models for a very decent price in an excellent condition – without even the tiniest scratch, like brand new. How is it possible? Usually that kind of iPhones had their screen and body replaced to new ones. Maybe wi-fi module had already received 100 Terabytes of traffic, but if it’s still works – ok! No need to worry about that. These grades may be named like “A”, “B”, “C”, or “Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold” or whatever. Keep in mind that the better the grade the more chances to be satisfied with your purchase. We would recommend the highest possible grade of iPhone 7 rather than middle or low of iPhone 8. Why? Because purchasing a refurbished iPhone is not only about saving money, but nerves too 🙂 Just keep that in mind and buy devices of a higher grades when possible.

What about a warranty?

Many sellers provide guarantee for the iPhones they sell. Apple (yes, Apple. Even Apple sells refurbished iPhones and that’s good) provides the same one-year warranty as for a brand new iPhone. Amazon offers 90 days of guarantee, Decluttr – one year limited warranty. Conditions may vary and may be changed so check that before purchasing.

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