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Certified Refurbished Refurbished iPhone VS New

With guarantee, buyer protection and for the best price

Which iPhone is the best to buy?

Question is not that simple, as you might think. But it is worth thinking, because it can save you hundreds of dollars on your next iPhone purchase.

First of all, you have to realize the fact:

Refurbished iPhones may look and work like absolutely new

and another one:

Refurbished iPhones may NOT look and work like absolutely new

Puzzling, isn’t it? 🙂 But you can easily understand the real worth of every deal.

Refurbished iPhones have grades

Different sites call these grades with different names, just look around on page with a deal for an explanation. For example, Decluttr store currently has three grades – Good, Very Good and Pristine. Pristine is like absolutely new iPhone, that’s it. If you aren’t ready to put up with even tiniest scratches on your device – choose an iPhone of that grade.

Worth mentioning that Apple sells refurbished iPhones too. And, of course, they are perfect. And much more expensive than in all other stores.

Lower grades don’t mean that iPhone may not work. All refurbished iPhones have been tested and checked to work as they should. Grades are only about cosmetic condition, all functions should work the same as on a new iPhone – regardless of a grade. Of course, may be exceptions, but usually these exceptions are clearly stated on a deal page.

Refurbished iPhones have guarantee and moneyback

Yes, they do. And that is why they differ from ordinary used iPhones – you can bring them back to seller if something goes wrong. But check the seller policy about returns and guarantee before you buy. It’s better to keep in mind that sometimes refurbished iPhones even of the highest grade may have problems – for example, we received once an iPhone with a damaged camera. The shop had an option of moneyback so that was not a problem. And, to tell the truth, even NEW iPhones sometimes work not as they should. So don’t forget to check guarantee and returns policy before you buy.


Many sellers won’t say a word about a battery. For sure it won’t be new (if you got new – you are lucky!), but it may be a bit old and your phone won’t keep the charge for the whole day and may work slower, because Apple slows iPhones which batteries run out of their resource. How to solve that? Think about a newer model first, like iPhone 7 instead of iPhone 6S. Probability of getting a too old battery raises when you choose older model. Or just be ready to replace the battery. Our refurbished 6S Plus iPhone which was bought last year still runs great with its old battery, sometimes a bit laggy, but it works! So don’t get too serious about that, just keep in mind.

How to check the level of your battery when you receive an iPhone.
Go to Settings – type Battery in search line above – hit Battery item and then Battery Health.
You’ll see a percentage of your battery and all data about it. You can turn off the slowing down process of your iPhone manually here if it is already slowed, but sometimes it may lead to crashes.

That’s it! You are almost a master of refurbished iPhones.

Few more things to consider

Sometimes you may find refurbished 4S or 5C iPhones. That’s cool, but they have outdated iOS. If you’re looking for a phone for your kid such iPhones won’t have parental controls which arrived in later iOS version and some apps won’t run at all. In 2019 Apple decided to stop updating iPhones 6 and below. So, iPhone SE should receive this autumn iOS 13 update. We hope so!

And don’t forget that refurbished iPhones are usually shipped in a plain box without headphones, just a USB cable.

That’s it!
Start searching for your refurbished iPhone now.
And all the best to you! 🙂

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